Can i get a ride?

by Steppe People

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released September 10, 2016

Produced by Steppe People & Andrew Schubert
Engineered by Andrew Schubert @ Golden Beat Recording Studio
Mixed by Eric Carlson & Andrew Schubert
Mastered by Dave Gardner @ Infrasonic Mastering

Steppe People is Bill, Scott, Eric & Marcus
Backing Vocals by Danny Bengston & Marty Sataman
Keyboards by Marty Sataman

Artwork by Elisa P. Foster



all rights reserved


Steppe People Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Blackhole
waking up in a stranger's house
stepped on glass from the night before
lost everything, most of it was yours
and i can't go back

i'm trapped

maybe i might call you later
unsolicited advice from your neighbor
habitually outside the law
and it's constantly reminding me that

i'm trapped
Track Name: Totally Restless
a heavy hand in my head
Track Name: Pet Paranoid
what are they thinking when they're staring at the TV glowing?
seems like everything
try to go outside i heard him scratching at the door i heard him scratching at the door it's like

i think i'm pet paranoid
i think i'm paranoid about your pet
Track Name: Grown Man Crying
don't you ever get tired of leaving?
or dying in the movie?
always skipping through awake
always on the take

lazily left believing
lately polishing a coffin
it was big enough for two
i'm sure you already knew

sometimes i'm terrified
i'll accidentally survive
being frozen in a block of ice
transported to another time
and forced to start again

this doesn't end well
without me crying
and i'm crying now

way to wear out the welcome of the latest resurrection
on par with the predictions under a certain set of conditions
Track Name: Sleeping Adjacent To The Kitchen
justifying a unique situation
at odds with the trouble we are in
learn to speak without the hesitation
but even then i don't know where to begin

walking off before the conversation ends

collapsing into the fridge
leaving the willing behind
dancing on top of my head
playing dead in the meantime

while i'm sleeping adjacent to the kitchen
a converted laundry room

reclining on a flawed foundation
scattering the mess that we are in
getting bored of resisting the temptation
but even then i don't know where to begin
Track Name: Alacrity
out to sway each other back and forth over and over
they say you're one or the other but you're never really either

lies that kept you certain of other lies
divided into two make it twice as cruel

it doesn't matter
but her password
was alacrity spelled backwards
Track Name: Eating Alone
were you flying through that open door
to escape a fate uncertain
trying to find a ride

with all you could afford
was it worth the time spent working
does it keep you satisfied

in my mind it all made sense
but the results offered otherwise
it made me stop for a minute

we're volunteering for the same mistakes
and though we know how much time we'll waste
it felt so good not eating all alone

is your patience being tested
while i hide behind the curtain
taken by the other side

how exactly can you be so sure
while my mind arrives uncertain
can i get a ride?

in my head i made the connection
but my perception had it wrong

it made me stop for a mine

we're volunteering for the same mistakes
and though we know how much time that wastes
it felt so good not eating all alone
Track Name: Surprise
not hard to understand
but still hard to accept
i guess no one's explained it well

something's gonna turn the wheel 'til the appeal
buries itself in your glow

still, you act as if you're in control
so i'll bend to your will even though
unable to experience

because you got caught up in a world that offers no surprises

there isn't much to get cuz you said you can't
cuz you couldn't say you won't
they call that control
though you still can't float
aware of just how slow

you seem to moving through space
awkwardly put into place
by a flying man with 8000 knives
who could never make up his mind

because he got caught up in a world that offers no surprises